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Anonymous asked: *whispers to everyone* I think we're wearing her down!! :)


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riskpig asked: Zelena wants to know why Regina's daddy isn't her daddy.

"Well, he’s not your daddy!”

"Regina!" Belle dropped her book in outrage.  The two girls had been bickering over something, but before Belle could intervene, it had gotten personal quickly.  Zelena stared at Regina, her lip quivering.  

Regina crossed her arms defiantly.  ”Well, it’s true! My daddy is not her daddy! Mummy said so!”  

Zelena looked at Belle helplessly.  For once, she was speechless, and out of manipulations and pleas for attention.  It made her a good deal more vulnerable and far more tolerable.  

Belle took a deep breath.  ”Regina, that was a mean thing to say to your sister,” She said firmly. “I want you to apologize to her this instant. You should never, ever be cruel.”  

Regina’s features spelled rebellion.  She muttered something that sounded suspiciously like, ‘she’s not my real sister’, but begrudgingly said, “Sorry, Zelena.”  

Zelena did not respond, instead turning to Belle.  ”But Rumplestiltskin rescued me,” She said pleadingly. “I thought—maybe—”

Belle took a seat next to Zelena, stroking her hair.  Regina wriggled between them, determinedly sitting on Belle’s lap, as if fearing that any conversation between the two would tear her nanny further away.  

"I wish I could tell you about your natural father, Zelena," Belle said softly. "But I don’t know. What I do know is that Rumplestiltskin does care for you, and wants you to be a part of his family."  

Zelena’s eyes became dreamy.  ”His…family,” She said tenderly. “Yes. I want that. I want that more than anything in the world.”  

"Good," Belle pressed a kiss to Zelena’s head and hugged Regina, who was fidgeting on her lap. "And so we shall be."  

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Anonymous asked: So. COMPLETELY random question that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with what has been covering my dash or anything. Are you planning on having a few drinks anytime soon?

Y’all are the worst kind of peer pressure, you know.

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riskpig asked: Zelena gets nightmares too and hers are more scarier, thank you very much.


"Belle! Belle!”

Groggily, Belle stumbled out of bed.  Her small chambers had been magically modified, courtesy of Rumplestiltskin—the door on the left wall led to Zelena’s room.  The door on the right wall led to Regina’s.  

Belle, help! It’s going to get me!”  

Zelena apparently had night terrors, just as Regina did.  Coincidentally enough, they happened with the near exact frequency as Regina’s occurred—usually right after hers.  

But what could she do?  Belle wondered tiredly as she opened the door to Zelena’s room.  Zelena was sitting upright, looking perfectly calm, her small fists clenching her blankets.  She brightened when Belle neared.

"Oh, Belle, it was awful," Zelena’s face crumpled. "I dreamed something dark and shadowy—it was cornering me, and—and I couldn’t get away!"  Her face was the picture of distress, but there were no tears in her green eyes, no real emotion.  

Belle sighed.  ”Remember how we banish bad dreams?” She asked gently, shifting a strand of red hair away from her cheek. “It’s all a matter of imagination, sweetheart. The power inside you is greater than any dark dream.”  

Zelena leaned against Belle, wrapping an arm tightly around her waist.  ”Will you stay with me until I fall asleep?”

Belle glanced through her bedroom to Regina’s door.  Zelena’s theatrical screams had awoken Regina.  The little girl was peeking from around the door, biting her lip.  

Belle exhaled.  ”I will stay until you fall asleep, Zelena,” Belle promised. “And then we must all go to bed.” She cast a knowing glance at Regina, who backed away guiltily.  

It was not fun to be pulled like taffy between the two girls.  Both were attention-starved, craving motherly affection.  What was worst of all, was that Cora, while being overly critical and nasty to Regina, also got a great deal of vindictive pleasure from tearing Zelena down.  Cora had not taken to Zelena’s presence well, refusing to acknowledge her as her natural-born daughter, and scathingly suggest she join Belle in becoming a servant.  

Zelena faked her nightmares to be sure.  She was greedy for Belle’s attention and happy to take any source of happiness away from Regina.  But just like Regina, she was a lonely little girl.  She needed love, pure and simple.  

It was exhausting, but Belle was determined to give all she had to both girls.  They would know love and affection.  They would be nurtured.  

So firm was Belle’s resolution, she did not notice the nasty smirk Zelena flashed at Regina’s disappearing form.

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Anonymous asked: *singing* Straggleyphoenix War, huh, yeah, what is it good for? Absolutely nothi....wait! It's good for breaking writer's block, and help good for some Musician! Gold hot make up sex? <3

Patience, sweet summer child.  But I am writing musician!Gold as we speak.  :D

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cuterosr1817 asked: Okay, so um, I just thought of something for the rumbelle nanny!verse if you want to hear it.... Zelena is jealous of Regina for not only having Cora as a mother, but for having Belle as a nanny too...

AN:  Okay, bear in mind, I know Zelena’s backstory from hearsay (didn’t watch the episode), so I’m taking a lot of creative liberties.

Cora and Rumplestiltskin were having the worst fight Belle had ever heard.

The thunderstorm didn’t help matters.  Regina was terrified of them anyway, and the wicked flashes and thunder claps intermingled with her parents’ fight, sparks of magic, bellows, and Cora’s shrieks had sent her diving straight into Belle’s lap.  

"Shh, shh, shh," Belle stroked Regina’s hair as the little girl buried her face in her shoulder. "It’ll be all right, duckling. Shh, shh, shh, I’m right here."  

"Why is Mummy so angry?" Regina whimpered. 

"I don’t know," Belle replied honestly.  Rumplestiltskin had just returned from one of his many magical trips—she hadn’t seen him come in, but she’d heard Cora welcome him back to the Dark Castle.  The welcome, apparently, had been short-lived, replaced with Cora’s angry screams.  

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