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awkwordlyemma asked: Keep up the good work! I'm absolutely loving To Catch a Swan. It's fun to revisit the first season, especially since I like Neal and Swanfire/Swan Thief so much.

Wow, thank you!  I really love writing Neal, he is by far my favorite character.  It’s lovely looking at season 1 and remembering why I fell in love with this show in the first place!

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Anonymous asked: Chapter two was gold!! OMG!! I love the way you write Neal! :'D so perfect and the few words that he exchanged with Graham asdfghjkl and What happen to Henry? Where is my little pumpkin pie? Is he safe? D': Emma crash in the car like she did in the show? Is Neal going to meet the only lawyer in town soon? XD

Oh my gosh, thank you!  I was a little leery about chapter 2, kept worrying that they were out of character.

I LOVE WRITING GRAHAM AND NEAL.  They are going to be such a broship, you have no idea…

You’ll see!  *cackles*

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tinuviel-undomiel asked: Since Inuyasha has invaded my life thanks to you and the Myth twins, and you mentioned some Inuyasha in Heat smut fics, can you recommend any good ones? Or better, have you written any?

Heh heh heh…

I’m actually writing one that subverts the trope, where Kagome goes into heat as a side effect of being with Inuyasha—since, you know, Inuyasha’s male and it’s female dogs that go into heat.  It’s reaching completion.  :D

I haven’t explored the treasure trove of Inuyasha fics in about a thousand years, so I actually don’t have any recs.  In my day (2000-2009), most of what I read was not very good and very OOC.  I’m sure there are better ones out there, but I don’t know any offhand.  

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Anonymous asked: Oh man, To Catch a Swan is amazing! I wonder if Neal'll meet Mr. Gold before he's triggered by Emma's name... either way it will be awesome. I can't wait for the next chapter - I love you :)

Anything’s possible.  ;)


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lollipopsandlandmines asked: I will pay you actual money to do all the seasons with your henry found near Au

Well, if you pay me actual money, I’ll totally do that.  :D

As of now, “To Catch A Swan” is going to cover season 1.  If I get inspiration for season 2…well, that’d be a little finicky, wouldn’t it?  Considering how much of a plot and arc discovering Neal was?

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To Catch A Swan (2/22)

"Storybrooke’s Welcome Wagon"

“Don’t slam the door in our face,” Henry requested. 

Neal briefly considered wishing Emma a happy birthday, but when the shock and horror on her face melted into hard anger, he thought better of it. 

“What—how—” Emma sputtered. “What are you doing here?” 

“He found me,” Neal replied, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Said he was my kid. Didn’t believe him at first—never thought you would keep something like that from me.”  He hadn’t meant for his tone to sound accusatory, but the bitterness still slunk in.

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euphoriapotion asked: I just read "To Catch A Swan" and this is amazing! Can't wait for next chapters, I wanna read them all <3 I just want you to know that you have a new fan <3

Aw, thank you!  I’m so glad!

It’s definitely one of my more ambitious projects, since I’m attempting to cover all of season 1.  But I’m really enjoying working on it so far!

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