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Anonymous asked: Uhm do you think Loch will be up sometime before 2015? Just so I get an idea of when to check back.

Yes, it will be finished before 2015.

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Anonymous asked: What advice would you give to those who thinks their writing is average, no matter how much/long they did their best to improve?

Oh, darling!  *HUGS*

Nobody starts off amazing at writing.  There are different and varying degrees of talent and style, but everyone, no matter who you are, has to work at it.  When I first started writing, I had a flair for dialogue and romance scenes, but I was terrible at description and action sequences.  Like any skill, it takes practice and refinement.  

Everybody has a different writing style and everyone had different ways of writing.  My advice is is first, to read a lot.  Good writers are good readers—reading voraciously gives you ideas, improves your vocabulary, and teaches you more about writing than anything else.  

Second piece of advice is to write constantly.  This might mean keeping a journal.  This might mean blogging every day.  This might mean making a goal for yourself to just write a short story every day.  Whatever works for you, but just be sure you’re writing consistently every single day.  The next step is to show things you like, things you were proud of writing, to other people (and other writers) and ask for constructive criticism.  I am a big proponent of writers’ groups.  Actually, that’s probably why Tumblr is my favorite online medium, because it enables all of us to share our stories with each other and get that constructive criticism which is essential to writing.  

Don’t give up!  Most of all, remember that you’re your harshest critic and I’ll bet your writing is a lot better than you think it is.

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I’m sort of in dire straits at the moment, financially speaking. I’ve been pretty much living paycheck to paycheck for the last six months and now I’m in a very bad situation…my car needs repair work, over $1,400.00 to get it functional again. I’ve been tossing around…

I hate to rain in on the parade but isn’t that… illegal? I mean it’s one thing to use the characters and world that someone came up with and play in that world for the fun of it but quite another to get monetary compensation.

It’s just like paying someone for fanart.

It depends who you’re paying for that fan art. Some artists have rights to create derivative work from the copyright holders. That’s legal. Other people don’t, that’s illegal.

If someone writes OUAT fanfiction, it’s technically against the law. It’s ignored most likely because they don’t want to alienate fans and they aren’t losing any money allowing it. Someone sells their work? A massive no-no.

I just don’t want anyone to think that it’s ok because someone somewhere has seen it done before.

Better to ask for donations and as a thank you, write them a story or something. But I highly suggest people to avoid words like buying, selling, having a set price or mandatory donation.

I’m not going to ask for donations.  I’ve seen people on etsy or deviantart sell fanfiction commissions and I don’t really see a discernible difference between pricing ficlets and fanart.

I agree with you that fanworks are gray area in terms of selling and buying, but I do agree with Eevy—I’m pricing ficlets the same way an artist would do a fanart commission.  I’m not charging for everything I write, just for specific commissions specific fans request of me. 

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Update on Commission fics!

I’m going out of town this weekend and won’t be able to work on them!  I’ll try and post the next one on Monday, but if you’re expecting one, it’ll probably be up sometime next week.

Love you all!

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Atlanta Entanglements (1/1)

AN:  Anonymous commission!  Smut fic between Beth and Jimmy from TWD, bondage, gagging.  Enjoy!

“Too loose.” 

Beth adjusted the cotton rope, tightening the knots.  Jimmy lay apread-eagle across her lacy white bed, his wrists neatly tied to the bedposts.  His shirt was bare, exposing his chest, golden and tanned from his work outside.  He grinned at her, his blue eyes glinting with mischief and she grinned back. 

“Tight enough?” She purred and he nodded, his gaze darkening.  She’d taken off her shirt, wearing only her bra and jeans—he enjoyed watching her tie him up dressed like this.

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Anonymous asked: I wanna commission you! What pairings are your strong suits?

I will write you any pairing you like, but my strong suits are:

  • Rumbelle
  • Swanfire
  • Caryl
  • InuKag
  • MirSan
  • Klaroline

I’ve written these most often.  ^_^  Let me know if you have any preferences!

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Anonymous asked: I'm glad you did 'Notes on a Scandal'. I had it or a similar prompt saved to try, but knew I wasn't talented enough to do it. You most definitely were! And this way it helps with your car issues.

Thank you!  And thank kacymyth for prompting and commissioning it.  ^_^  I’m so glad people enjoyed it, I was a little nervous as to how people would take my commissioned prompts.  

Every little bit helps!  If anyone has a prompt they’d like to commission, it’s $2.00 for every 200 words!  Hit me up!

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luckieduckielou asked: Hi there! Just popping by to say that I love your writing so much!! Especially your Rumbelle fics!! I just finished reading your Scandal commission fic and your wetnurse!verse. And omg, I just love your writing! It's just so wonderful and lovely and.... asdjksajdk! Love it. So.. I'll just be following now. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely talent! <3<3 :)

Oh wow, thank you!  And thank you for taking the time to tell me, writers love hearing things like this!  Just completely makes my day.  ^_^

Thank you for reading and enjoying!

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