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Anonymous asked: I know how you feel with MJR and the accent. Something about that man is just ridiculously sexy. I just started watching the walking dead, and when he showed up, I found him really attractive, even though he was meant to come off as creepy.


I remember that scene because I was taking a break from OUAT and trying to get into a new show and then BAM A WILD MRJ APPEARED.  

I get the feeling he enjoys playing villains—a common proclivity.  

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Anonymous asked: Why wouldn't you have killed off Tamara?

Well, to be fair, I may have had to write her off the show if her actress had wanted to move to The Walking Dead.  But I wouldn’t have killed her.

Tamara was interesting.  I liked the idea of someone being vehemently against magic, seeing it as a poison that must be destroyed.  I wanted to know where that came from, why she felt that way.  

The way I would have written it—I wouldn’t have had her cheating on Neal with Greg.  I would have had her start a relationship with Neal in order to get close to him, to gather intel, and pursue her nefarious scheme, but I would have had her actually start to fall for him in the midst of all that.  As nice as it was to get her out of the way ala “MY FEELINGS FOR YOU WERE ALL A LIE!”, it would’ve been a better narrative choice to create genuine conflict between Emma and Neal.  I would have wanted Neal to realize that his feelings for Tamara were based on a desire for normalcy, rather than have her betrayal be that catalyst.  I would have wanted to see Tamara fight for him, play on his abandonment issues, try and convince him to join her in fighting against magic.  Hell, that could even be a really cool arc for Neal, given his hatred and distrust of magic.  

Tamara had possibilities, but alas, shiny toy syndrome.  

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Anonymous asked: Is Gold still cursed when Neal meets him in chapter three of To Catch a Swan?

Yup.  Gold remembered he was Rumplestiltskin the moment he heard Emma’s name—which took place at the end of the pilot.  Neal enters Gold’s shop before he’s heard Emma’s name, so the interaction that ensues is between Rumple’s cursed self and Neal.  The final scene between Neal and Emma, at the end of the chapter, takes place right before Emma checks in to Granny’s and says her name out loud.  

Neal, at this point, is under the impression that he’s safe, if Rumplestiltskin doesn’t remember anything.

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Anonymous asked: Hello love, Since you're working on catch a swan now, does that mean the last chapter of Loch katerine is pushed back a bit? Just curious.

Hi dear!

Actually, I’m sorry to say lactation porn is what will be updated first and foremost.  I was aiming to finish it last night, but I also had a final to study for, so it didn’t happen.  Sorry, Straggle!  

Anyway, after that’s up…maybe?  It’s really hard to say what will be updated next because honestly, I’m working on everything simultaneously.  I switch documents in a sort of cycle and then update whatever’s finished first.  I’m reworking something in Loch Katrine (I know it’s taken me forever) so it is very near to completion.  

But I have been zipping through To Catch A Swan (having a set outline, the first season, is helpful) pretty quickly.  So I dunno.  

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Anonymous asked: If you WERE the head writer on OUAT, what changes would you have made?

Honestly, my changes would probably start in season 2.  

  • Would have written Hook differently. Closer to the book, different motivations, less of a woman abusing asshole.  
  • If A&E insisted on wanting to keep Rumple a threat, I would’ve had Rumple and Belle break up in The Crocodile.  Given Belle her own storyline.  Explored Belle outside of her love for Rumple.  Would have reunited them later.  
  • Would have continued with Cora as the main villain and not have rushed headlong into Neverland.  
  • Would have explored Rumple trying to be better for Neal, Neal not trusting him, misunderstandings ensuing.  Would have had Neal and Belle get to know each other.  
  • Would have written a healthier attraction between Hook and Emma to keep conflict between Neal and Emma—something not quite as rape culture-y.  (Swanfire would still clearly be endgame.) 
  • Would have given Regina a better redemption arc, maybe paralleled it with Rumple, both of them trying to be better for their sons.  
  • Would have had a Belle vs. Cora faceoff.  
  • Would have had a Rumbelle reconciliation after a decent redemption arc for Rumple—probably after he joins the “Save Henry” brigade.  (Which would take place later in season 3.)
  • Would have had Peter Pan the main villain for all of season 3.  I like him as a Big Bad.  Wouldn’t have killed him off so easily.  
  • Would have brought in the Wicked Witch played by Rebecca but not have named her Zelena (it is and always will be a stupid name), kept more in with Oz canon, not have made her Regina’s sister, and maybe have had her as an anti-hero, rather than an outright villain.  Maybe she had a score to settle with Pan and temporarily joins the others.  
  • Seriously, why did they kill off Peter Pan so quickly, he makes a rad villain…oh, right, A&E have an “OOH NEW SHINY TOY” problem.
  • Probably not have done “Robin Hood is Regina’s soulmate” because that was a weird idea to begin with, breaking up a legendary couple like Robin and Marian.  Maybe have played with Hook and Regina a little bit more.  Hell, maybe bring in Galahad or Gawain if A&E really wanted to do that kind of romance.  You know.  Someone SINGLE.
  • Explored more of the original characters from season 1 rather than consistently bringing in more and more new characters.  
  • Not dropped Philip, Aurora, and Mulan like a hot potato.  Possibly alluded to a polyamorous relationship between all three, considering it’s been established they all have feelings for each other.  (Most likely, anyway.)
  • Not killed off Lancelot.  Or Tamara.  

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Question to my myriads of followers—



Did anyone start following this tumblr after reading my fics on  Specifically the Harry Potter fic about Chase Van Helsing?

And if so, would you or anyone else be interested in reading a revamped version of the fic—not changing the plot or the characters, but just revising it, making it a little more cohesive, so it’s a little less Mary Sue?  

I don’t know what you mean by Mary Sue, but I have been reading that story and I like it, and yes I’d like you to revamp it or start working on it again or something. I actually started following your tumblr after reading your To Catch a Swan fic on here, but then I found your fanfiction account and started reading Salem Witch and I want more. Seriously, you can’t just leave it where you left it. I got to the end of the chapter and reviewed it before I realized it was the last one you wrote and I was flabbergasted. I mean honestly, it starts getting really interesting and you just stop. Why? Please start it up again.

Aha!  You are the delightful reviewer from this morning!

Wow, thank you!  I really do love Salem Witch and I had so much fun crafting a detailed backstory and characterization for my protagonist.  Chase is possibly one of my favorite OC’s and I very much miss all the fun I had writing her.  

I have been considering revamping it—I’m flattered you enjoy it, but considering I started writing it in high school, and the fic’s nearing ten years old, I get a little embarrassed rereading some of my early writing.  I would love to just scrap a few things and reboot it completely, keeping the good and discarding the not so good.  

But now that I know I’ll have at least one reader, I think I’ll embark on the project!

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To Catch A Swan (3/22)

"Mr. Gold"

Neal stared at Regina in disbelief.  “You’re telling me that Henry is missing?” He thundered.

“As if you didn’t know,” Regina hissed and Graham moved between them, checking the hotel closet and under the bed. 

“Aw, geez,” Neal rolled his eyes. “If I was gonna kidnap the kid, do you really think I’d spend the night here? Wouldn’t it make more sense to grab him and go?”  He looked at the sheriff pointedly and Graham shrugged towards Regina.

“Madam Mayor, he’s not here,” Graham confirmed. “Looks like Emma was right.” 

Neal glanced at Emma who did not meet his gaze. 

Read more …

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messedupdreamsandmelodies asked: When are you going to post the 3rd chapter for the au swan fire fic cause I kinda need it now ;)

Which one?  :D  I have two AU Swanfire fics ongoing at the moment.  

"To Catch A Swan" is probably going to be updated first.

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tinuviel-undomiel asked: Will you be posting that Inuyasha and Kagome fic soon? I'm dying for some InuKag fic.

Well, I’m working on two (both involve smut) so whichever gets finished first!

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