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anonymousnerdgirl asked: 1,3,7

1.  I answered the former, I’ll answer the latter—I’ve often been tempted to do completely tropey, ridiculous high school AUs for Inuyasha.  There is an overabundance of them, they never make any sense, but a sick part of me wants to try it to see if I’m a good enough writer to make one work.  

3.  I hate you.  "Well, you’re wrong," Jacey said bluntly. "I still wanted to be with you, I still want to be with you, and I will always want to be with you." Sawyer opened his mouth to speak.

7.  One Tree Hill.  Ridiculous show.  Total guilty pleasure.  Still rewatch it regularly, still have passionate feelings about characters and ships, don’t even care.  

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Anonymous asked: 1, 2, 4, and 5?

1.  My earliest fanfics, from when I was fourteen.  That was when I first started writing fanfiction—for the TV show Lost.  I wrote a Sawyer/OC fic that was pretty dreadful.  I can’t really even read it anymore, it’s very cringe-worthy.  But I did learn a lot through writing it.  

2.  I’m not really ashamed of any of my kinks.  They’re all relatively tame.

4.  I had to look this up!  No, it kind of wigs me out, to be honest.  Makes me uncomfortable.

5.  I don’t know about shameful…I’ve been seriously judged for shipping Kaiba and Serenity from Yu Gi Oh!.  (Whatever, they are perfect for each other, don’t talk to me.)  I seem to recall my brother looking at me in horror when I told him I shipped Demona and Macbeth.  (Whatever, you know they would have awesome angry hate sex.)

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'Fess Up! Fandom Humiliation

1. What's the worst fanfic you've ever written/have thought about writing?
2. Admit to a kink you're ashamed you like.
3. Copy paste a line from the first smutty fanfic you wrote or fess up to a sexual fantasy you have about a character.
4. Have you ever read or written RPS/RPF?
5. Most shameful ship?
6. Ever been at the center of fandom drama?
7. What is your fandom guilty pleasure?
8. Share something you did in fandom that you're embarrassed about.
9. Describe the first time you read a smutty fanfic. What ship was it and what kinks were involved?
10. Any fandoms you'd hate to admit you were a part of?
11. Just how often do you think about your favorite characters getting down and dirty?
12. Someone found your delicious account/bookmarks/AO3 account or however you keep track of your favorite fics. What's the one fic you're going to be most humiliated about?
13. Ever been caught reading smut/writing smut/drawing smut/looking at smutty drawings?
14. What would your parent/guardian/family friend think if they saw your tumblr?
15. Oh shit you croaked without getting rid of the fandom stuff you saved to your computer. What's your next of kin or friend going to find when they turn on your computer?

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absynthe--minded asked: InuKag: Kagome realizes she's pregnant, and ponders how to break the news to Inuyasha.

Kagome’s eyes widened.  ”What?”

Kaede smiled kindly.  ”It’s no flu, Kagome. You are with child.”

Kagome’s stomach flipped.  She’d come to Kaede’s hut simply to show her two types of herbs—she couldn’t remember which was best for waves of nausea—and Kaede had examined the herbs, casually asking her a few leading questions.  Any other symptoms, a fever, perhaps?  When her last monthly cycle was…

She’d thanked Kaede brifely before dazedly exiting the hut, walking aimlessly.  She’d promised to help Sango watch the twins while they harvested their garden, but her mind was in such a whirl, she couldn’t see straight.

There was no denying it.  All things considered…it did make sense.  Her nausea hadn’t been ordinary.  Her sense of smell had piqued as of late—some of the villagers had been cleaning fish the other day and the scent of it had nearly overpowered her.  Inuyasha had glanced at her curiously when she complained about the assailing scent of Chinese anemone—about a mile away from the village itself.  

Speaking of Inuyasha—he was out for a few days, traveling northwest with Miroku to defeat a particularly nasty sort of demon that feasted on blood.  It was Sango’s turn to care for the children and since Rumi had gotten a mild cut from playing too near a farmer’s scythe, Kagome had remained, to keep an eye on the wound.  

Barring any interruptions, Inuyasha and Miroku would return by sunset.  And then what?

She’d never given any thought to kids—not really.  There’d always been too much to do.  Sango and Miroku’s brood were a handful even by proxy, and while Kagome adored them, they were a lot of work.  What’s more…she’d never discussed having children with Inuyasha and the idea that now it was sprung upon them with no warning…

Well, what did you think would happen, Kagome, when you moved to the feudal era for good, a world without safe forms of birth control?!

A small smile graced her lips.  She was pregnant.  Pregnant.  She was going to be a mother—and Inuyasha would be a father!  Would they be good parents?  Would Miroku and Sango help them?  She sudden had a crazy urge to find Sango, confess all and pepper her with questions.  But she couldn’t tell her, not without telling Inuyasha first…


Her head jerked up and to her surprise, Miroku and Inuyasha were heading towards her, hours before she expected them.  

"You’re back," She blinked. "We didn’t expect you till later."

"It didn’t take as long as we thought," Miroku replied easily. "And Inuyasha was eager to return. He said you weren’t feeling well when we left."  

"Looks like you’re feeling better now, though," Inuyasha noted. "Food poisoning?"

Kagome smiled a little.  ”C’mon,” She took his arm. “Let’s take a walk.”

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rumplegoldrp asked: Hello. My nickname is Phoenix. I'm just looking for OUAT Rumple and Rumbelle fans, hoping to make new friends :)


You’ve come to the right place, new friend!  I love Rumbelle and Rumplestiltskin is one of the best parts of OUAT.  

It’s so nice to meet you!  Thanks for saying hi!

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Anonymous asked: *bounces in seat* I'm crazy excited for the rest of the chapter, eSpecially rumbelle!

I’m glad you’re excited!

I’m sorry I wasn’t able to get it up guys—I vastly overestimated the amount of free time I’d have this weekend.  Please accept my apology.  

It’s a little over a third of the way done.  It won’t be up tonight because I have class, but I’m shooting for Tuesday!

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i-sudoku asked: Ah I forgot to vote but my vote would be "Song of the Sirens" too! *awaiting anxiously*

I think riskpig voted enough for any absentees.

(You were at least half of my anons, don’t try to deny it, missy.)

Working on it right now!

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i-sudoku asked: True, a lot of cool people I know were born in September. We are the cool ones! *don aviators and say cheesy lines ala David Carusso*

Hell yeah we are.  We are in the fine company of:

  • Beyonce
  • Pippa Middleston
  • Idris Elba
  • Martin Freeman
  • Pink
  • Hugh Grant (who shares a birthday with me!)
  • Colin Firth
  • Andrew Lincoln
  • Tommy Lee Jones
  • Prince Harry
  • Amy Poehler
  • Jada Pinkett Smith
  • Jon Bernthal
  • Bill Murray
  • Tom Felton
  • Billie Piper
  • Joan Jett
  • Bruce Springsteen (more proof that he and I are meant to be)
  • Will Smith
  • Avril Lavigne

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