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Operation Tallahassee!


Okay, first off, I want to say that I have been inspired by the “Operation Levity” amongst the Carylers that my wife has orchestrated.  It’s such a lovely idea and the Swanfire peeps have been so down lately, I wanted to implement kind of the same idea.  I’m also inspired by Rumbelle’s wank week—so I wanted to do something similar for my Swanfire peeps!

To break it down, I have gotten very disheartened towards some of the wank in the Swanfire tag.  Fanon should be our escape, not a place where we’re harassed or angry or nasty to each other!  

So let’s fight it!  Not with more wank or angry finger-pointing, but instead with love and warmth and everything that makes us love Swanfire in the first place and that keeps us coming back. Let’s instead focus on our space, and let the good vibes and love spread from a healthy epicenter!

Just post something fluffy about Swanfire. It can be goofy, sweet, fluffy, flirty, sexy, whatever you like, but always in keeping with the loving atmosphere! Headcanons, theories, meta, jokes, fic, gifs, fanart, fanvids, you name it!  All of it!  (Especially smut, MWA HA HA HA HA!)

Make your post/art/fic/vid, tag it “Operation Tallahassee”, and voila!  We have a fluffy, happy, lovely tag full of Swanfire goodness!

Ground rules:

  • If you post art or videos or things that aren’t yours, be sure to source the original creators properly.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, reference, perpetuate, tag, or mention, aggressively or passive aggressively, hate against ships, Captain Swan or otherwise, characters, or other bloggers.  If you want to hate on Captain Swan or other such ships and bemoan the lack of canon that is Swanfire, take it to the anti-tags! This is for us, guys.  This is for Swanfire love, not hate.  Let’s not even bring up the other negative stuff.

You all will see my first prompt for Operation Tallahassee in a little bit—Nothingeverlost prompted it.  

Go forth!

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Anonymous asked: Please update,chop and change? Pretty please? Dying here!!

Soon lovely!  I’m not quite done with the chapter yet!

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Anonymous asked: hey! will you ever update 9 to 5? 😊

Yes!  I don’t know when—I tried to get it updated last week, but it just didn’t happen.  It’s next on the list though!

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Tagged again!

I sure feel popular today!

1. Favorite song you jam/dance to?

At the moment, I have been jamming to “Sleeping with a Friend” by Neon Trees.  It’s my ringtone!

2. A quote that changed your life or your view on things. (words that gave you strength)

I cannot hope for mercy.” “Infinite hopes—and fears—may both be yours. Be sure that, whatever else you get, You will not get justice.” “Are the gods not just?” “Oh, no, child. What would become of us if they were?”—Till We Have Faces

3. What is your dream job?

I would love to get paid to read/research/write about C.S. Lewis.  As well as write books.

4. Where would you like to have been born?

Oxford!  But it may have lost its magic for me if I was born there.  

5. Favorite TV show ever!? (just one)

Not sure at the moment, ALL OF MY SHOWS HAVE BEEN DISAPPOINTING ME LATELY.  I guess I’d say Game of Thrones, since the writing has always been superb.

6. 5 famous actors/writers/artists/or musicians you would like to have a beer/coffee/diner with? (they can be dead or alive)

HARD.  Okay.  Audrey Hepburn, C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen, Cary Grant, and Karen Carpenter.  But if two can’t show, then Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie.  

7. What do you most look for in a person? (it can be a friend or a lover)

For both, I look for shared interests, passion, laughter.  For lovers, I look for attraction, chemistry.  

8. A movie that you are exited about?

Hm.  I think “Maleficent” and “Heaven is for Real” are the films I’m most looking forward too.

9. Favorite Broadway musical-and favorite song. (this is like two half questions so shhh it’s not cheating)

"The Sound of Music" and "Brigadoon", straight up tie for my favorite musicals.  Favorite song—varies!  At the moment, I’m obsessed with "Forget About the Boy" from "Thoroughly Modern Millie".

10. Your Spirit Animal.

Probably a horse or a wolf.  

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Anonymous asked: So I heard through the grapevine you were taking lactation smut prompts...


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Anonymous asked: You can be innocent and write smut, just don't mix church with state, well more like church and tumblr

Ooh, I mix church and tumblr all the time!  YOLO!

To be fair, Scripture’s chock full of smut.  Song of Songs is erotic poetry.  And as for lactation smut, I direct you all to St. Bernard of Clairveaux.  Boom.

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storybrookepsycho asked: It might be a good news to you that I am indeed not here for the lactation porn but to tell you that I am extremely pleased with your Swanfire stuff and growing restless about your musician!Gold series, which I found myself very fond of. Have a nice day! :D

Why, thank you!  I LOVE writing Swanfire.  I’ve been in a Swanfire mood as of late, as you can probably guess.  

I do need to get musician!Gold and Belle back together, I fully admit this.  Such a lovely ‘verse, and I’m so mean to them.  Sigh.

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Anonymous asked: You are fun to tease


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Anonymous asked: Come one Phoenix you know you want to! Here an idea for you: Cora walking in on them. Come on can't you imagine it. Belle and Rumple sharing something that is intimit and special and BAM! Cora walks in. Whats going to happen? How is everyone going to react. Come on Phoenix you knwo you want to...