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onceuponabreakingdead asked: Daryl and Carol talk about their lost loved ones.

When Daryl had returned, he’d said nothing to anyone.  He’d simply shook his head at Rick when he’d asked where Merle was.  Daryl had then walked away, to disappear into the solitude of his cell.  

Carol had waited a few minutes before quietly following.  She entered his cell silently, sitting down on the bunk across from his.  She said nothing, just watched him, letting her presence be a comfort.

After about an hour, Daryl spoke.  ”How do you do it?”

"Do what?" Carol asked softly. 

"Go on," Daryl stared at the ceiling. "Go on without them. Go on knowing you could’ve done something to save them. Go on knowing…that you’re alone."  

Carol took a shaky breath.  ”You…you just do,” She replied, her voice barely above a whisper. “You live, knowing they wouldn’t want you to give up. And believing you’ll see them again.” 

Daryl said nothing.  

She stood, walking over to his bunk, unable to resist taking his hand.  ”And,” She said shakily. “You’re not alone.”  

It was at that quiet, simple truth that Daryl gave himself permission to break down again, letting Carol hold him, until the sobbing had ceased.  

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